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Building Your Business Through Speaking with Steve Corney, Part 2

January 21, 2024 Adriane Galea, Steve Corney Episode 98
The Scaling Lounge: Business Strategy • Operations • Team
Building Your Business Through Speaking with Steve Corney, Part 2
Show Notes

“Thanks for coming to my TED talk,” says every hopeful public speaker ever…

But have you ever wondered what goes into appearing on an actual TED stage?

The loss of both of his parents at a young age attached a sense of urgency to how Steve Corney views – and values – leaving a legacy behind for those that love us. 

The way in which he combined this very personal experience with his professional expertise as a digital learning expert – one who truly understands the power that audio + video recordings hold –  is a powerful and transformative lesson for anyone looking to leverage their impact and expand their brand into public speaking.

In part 2 of our ‘Building Your Business with Speaking’ series, Steve  details exactly how he prepared for, executed, and ultimately landed a coveted spot in an upcoming TEDx event!

Plus – stay tuned to the end of today’s episode to find out how to get your hands on the public speaking assets that Steve and Adriane are cooking up!

Quick overview of what we cover:

  • Forget about your greenroom requests – nailing a TEDx spot is more about following the rules and guidelines set forth by the event and way less about who you think you are (in other words, “Don’t make it easy for them to say ‘no’ to you!)
  • How to prioritize these important elements of the audition: keeping to time, linking your story/topic to the event's theme, avoiding a trauma dump on the audience, holding the crowd’s attention
  • How to use clues from the application to choose a universally applicable topic
  • Why commercializing any aspect of your talk is a huge red flag (remember, TEDx is about Big Ideas not Big Money)
  • Steve’s incredulity that 50% of those auditioning with him committed this major faux pas
  • The most important aspects of nailing public speaking when you’ve gotten very reliant on video editing
  • The importance of branding as a public speaker – plus, the checklist we recommend for the minimum needed to step up to the public speaker plate... and be taken seriously 


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